Patrik L. Melander

Patrik Melander is the CEO and Co-founder of FourPark Minted which brings Blockchain-enabled liquidity to illiquid assets, such as art and real-estate. He is also one of three Managing Partners of FourPark Management, which supports unique technology companies to grow in the AI, MedTech and IOT space.

Outside FourPark Patrik is the Chairman of the Swedish American Chamber in Dallas-Fort Worth, Advisory Board Member and Partner of the award-winning AI company AmplifAI, Chairman of the Advisory Board of AirFusion, and board member of the non-profit MyPossibilities.

Patrik is Swedish of origin and spent 24 years as a Global Telecom Executive within the Ericsson group, living in Sweden, Japan, Brazil, Costa Rica, UAE and San Diego, Chicago, Boca Raton and Dallas. His positions included General Management, Sales, Professional Services, Operations and including being President of Ericsson for the Gulf Corporation Countries and Pakistan. Patrik holds a BSc E.E from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, a Patent, and diplomas in Executive Management from Columbia University, Stockholm Business School, Kellogg University, London Business School and Wharton.