FourPark Minted


As part of the FourPark Minted value bundle (the asset, the minted Blockchain Deed, and ten years of prepaid secure storage) we use an 8-Step process that unlocks liquidity by placing assets' key unique identifying information on the ERC-721 standard protocol as a Deed. Additionally, history and record of ownership is verified and immutably stored on the FourPark Minted proprietary system. This unique process takes a tangible real world asset and makes it available for sale internationally. Through this dis-intermediated cost reduction method the sale of all asset types can be accomplished with fiat currencies or crypto-currency on a global scale.




Premium assets

FourPark Minted is focused on real assets of high value.

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Minted Blockchain Deed

A Deed containing information for each asset is stored on ECR-721. As an alternative, a traditional legal document can transfer the rights to the buyer.


10 years of secure storage

All assets are sold with 10 years of prepaid storage in a bonded warehouse or other specialized facility.