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Patrik Melander
CEO & Co-Founder                  

Patrik has successfully established new businesses and driven major operations transformations across the globe.

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Stefan Lloyd
Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Stefan is an experienced investment management professional, highly skilled in venture capital and international trade.

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Jason Barnes
Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Jason is an expert in structuring and negotiating across borders to link capital providers and those seeking capital.

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Cody Marx Bailey
Tech Lead & Thought Leader

Cody has an outstanding ability to leverage technology to solve organizational problems and create efficiencies.

Lotta Stenshed
Marketing & PR

Lotta has a unique combination of finance and creative expertise utilized to generate sales growth.


Advisory Board

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Bo Hedfors

Bo is a senior executive with 50 years of global telecom experience. He currently acts as an advisor, mentor and angel investor to several businesses.

Sean Minter

Sean is a senior level operating and financial executive with a strong ability to develop strategies to generate market growth and profitability.

Sally Kennedy

Sally is a seasoned brand strategist and brand portfolio architect, skilled at identifying macro-trends and opportunities.


About FourPark MINTED


FourPark Minted, a company in the Dallas based FourPark group, was the global first to register an asset using the latest Ethereum standard (ERC-721). FourPark Minted is exclusively focused on real assets with a high value.

FourPark’s fiduciary abilities are built on its founders’ and advisors’ more than 200 years combined experience in fiduciary care, investments, private equity, securities law, business and general management. FourPark will continue to innovate and bring future transformative offerings to market, building on the Swedish traditions of being Upptäckare.

FourPark Minted

3720 Canton St. #102
Dallas, TX 75226


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